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Friends?? Yes please! :]

- Hates the internet
- Lost her entire post...
- Hates retyping things..

- Doesn't all ways talk like this.
- Is being lazy
- Name's Kirsten
- Age: BIG 2.0
- Can't remember what she typed the first time 'round. D8


- Remembers some things.
- Wants to Volunteer with the Sea Shepherd
- Wants to be a Marine Science Technician / Rescue Diver for The Coast Guard
- Thinking about Culinary School.
- Can't make up her mind half of the time.
- Stuck in a sticky rut at the moment.
- Loves to receive input.
- Loves to give input
- Loves reading about other peoples lives
- Sucks as keeping up with pen pals.
- Jobless. D8
- No money for school. DD8
- Loves music
- Loves movies.
- Lost her fucking internet again.
- Tallahassee internet hates her.
- Thinks her entries are and will be interesting.
- Is a hypocrite at times. o_o
- Total sucker for older-ish shmexy actors. ;]
- Has a kitty. [[Kerri]]
- Has a puppy. [[Jet]]
- Lost her internet again.......
- Got it back... For now.
- Has a psycho family, kinda sad actually.
- Not funny psycho more like "that guy should be in jail" psycho. :/
- Although sometimes it is funny psycho, lol.
- Plans to turn her life around this year. :]
- You should add her.
- Adds back 100%
- Singing in the car = <3333
- Currently singing to Hairspray The New Girl In Town. lawlz. XP
- Doesn't talk enough sometimes.
- Doesn't know when to shut up at times, this is one of those times. Haha.

- Ciao! 

- Kirsten. <3

[[ Internet lost 5 6 times while typing this. ]] D<

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