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"We are not children of celestial fuckin' light, walkin' arm-in-arm into the Age of Aquarius. We are wankers who wreck the planet an' piss on each other, 'til half the world's starvin' an' the other half's busy findin' new ways to keep from noticin' it. That's the fuckin' limit've our potential, believe me."

-I'ma Lauren, eighteen and I live &study in Glasgow. (Forensic Biology at Strathclyde University)
-My fictional hereo's are Hayley Stark &John Constantine. I love quoting and I will try and post a quote in every entry that I make.
-I listen to a lot of different must, a lot of drum and bass, a lot of techno, electro, indie, metal, punk.. I am not a music snob, I will listen to anything from any genre just to see what I might be missing out on. Right now some favourite's are: Mindless Self Indulgence (always), Concord Dawn, McDarrison, Dj Fresh, Infected Mushroom, Madam Zu, Children of Bodom, Ladyhawke, Crystle Castles, Neutral Milk Hotel &Joy Division.
-I read a lot &I am a huge film person.
-Huddling in box rooms with good friend's, smoking, drinking &music is love. The occasional rave too.

I've only just started out journalling again [: it's only three entries so far but I am hoping to start posting pictures &what not soon.

I don't care who adds me, if you think we will get along then we probably will.

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