Belenen (belenen) wrote in add_me,

new year, new friends! (hopefully!)

I'm 25, Aquarian, polyamorous, queer, genderfree, and fascinated with life.

I love people who are open & honest, compassionate & empathic, focused on learning and growing, idealistic and spiritual (religion isn't important; faith is), creative (having a passion to create, whatever your art may be), and feminist/equalist (anti- sexism, racism, heterocentrism, classism, gender, etc.). But you don't have to be all those things -- as long as you're one of them, we'll have something in common. ;-)

I'm here because I want to meet more people who use their journals as a way of exploring and expressing themselves and want to make real connections. If that sounds like you, please check out my userinfo and add me ;-) My journal's public, so no need to comment, but feel free to fill out my survey if you wanna introduce yourself!

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