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  1. My name is Mandy. (Amanda Legally,but I haaattee that name!)
  2. I'm 19. (though,don't let that fool you,i'm wise beyond my years. I've been through things I shouldn't even think about at this age.)
  3. I was born in Brooklyn,NY,Raised in Palm Beach Florida,moved to Gainesville Fl to go to school,and now live in Cary,N.C.
  4. I lllooovee writing,but I don't have the time to do it as much as I'd like,so,I don't post everyday.
  5. I'm a perfectionist....I'm not afraid to admit it. I won't post unless it's a "perfect entry".
  6. I'm a neat freak,some say I have O.C.D. .....I do not....their just jealous that my house/car/life is organized.
  7. Music awakens my soul on a daily basis,I enjoy everything,no really...honestly....everything.
  8. Tinkerbell has been my nickname my entire life,because like her,I'm short,sassy,and blonde.
  9. Coffee is my drug of choice! PERIOD.
  10. I can be a girly girl ( I like to get my nails done,I straighten my hair, I wax my eyebrows) but I'm not afraid to tell you like it,I have a mouth,and I know how to use it,insult me or my loved ones and you WILL get an ear full.  I came up with this quote awhile ago,and I've stuck by in ever since: "The fact of the matter is,I know what I want,and don't care what I have to do to get it. I'm the girl you see with her nails done and her diamonds blingin' who ISN'T afraid to throw a punch,or get up in ya face and tell you like it is!"!

 *So,Do I Sound Like Someone YOU'D Like To Be Friends With?  If So,Drop On By My Journal Give It A Read,And If You Like What You See,Add Away Babies,Add Away:) *

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