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Hi, My Name Is Megan.
I'm just a chick from beantown tryin' make something outta nothin'. 21 years pretty young thing. Gettin' $$$. I'm chasin' pipe dreams. Pursuing happiness. Tatted up. Livin' glamour. Loyal but I got a potty mouth. I am deaf. Taken to an amazin' boyfriend. I got a little cute feet. Few hold weight in her life, but would give give her left leg and right arm for those do. This journal is a much needed outlet that allows me to express myself when I have nothing better to do. Sit back, relax and enjoy this journey of my trails, and every day ramblings.
Psst, I'm sucha doll, trust meeh ; go on my friend only entry and asked to be add !!

Please, please to ask me to be added. It's annoying when random people addes me without telling me who the hell they are lol.

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