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hi! this is not spam, i promise. :) you might have heard of RTA's before and my activity/active one called marmite is looking for new members. we've got a lot our members through livejournal from communities like penpals, as it's like penpalling through email. under the cut is all the information you need about RTA's, what we want you to send/what is required & the form. PLEASE consider it because everyone that joins always loves it and can't believe they didn't discover it before. we are always looking for new, fun, active members that love talking about their lives and joining in conversations.

Marmite RTA information & form.
hello. :) thank you for being interested in Marmite.
many if you may be new to RTA's and if you are, there is quite a lot to know. you can find most of what you need to know here: here.

this email covers what you need to know about marmite, a few rules and then a form. the form is simple and quick but i need you to send it me back as soon as possible so i know you definitely want to join. :] thanks!! <3

what's an RTA?
1. depending on the size of the RTA, it is usually over 10 people.
2. these 10 people email back and forth about anything they want.
3. everyone receives every email which is sent and replied, as they always reply via "reply to all" rather than "reply" - this gives the opportunity for anyone to join in and reply to what they are saying.
4. you send anything you want. diary entries are encouraged, anything you want to share, anything you'd write in a diary/journal/etc, share art, inspiration, gossip, friends, family, photographs, anything!
5. each RTA has the "owner". this person usually takes charge of the list, makes sure it is managed properly: removing people who stop replying/getting in touch with them to ask them what's going on, making sure everyone is using the correct list, sending out the correct list when someone has left or joined and sending out a "welcome/introduction" email when someone new joins.
6. each RTA has its own rules, whichever the owner & the group may consider. these are usually kept brief, though: be active, send email, do not start arguements, do not be rude, do not offend anyone, do not randomly add someone to the list, etc.
7. the RTA always has a name! the name always goes in the subject of any email you may send to the RTA. e.g "shy distress - i went to new york!"
8. there are many types of RTA's. you can have a specific genre - fan, reading, movies, picture or just plain random - which comes under anything so that the RTA is kept very broad and anyone can talk and send anything. these are generally the more active RTA's as the members get to send anything, however members in a genre RTA usually talk about things outside the genre in order to get to know each other!
9. in order to get members, the members usually goes through an application process. this is just so the RTA all get a group choice as to who they would want in the RTA and who they think would enjoy it. it is much better to get all the RTA to vote on the application of the to-be-member, therefore everyone in the RTA gets a chance to be involved and know the person before they may be added.
10. you will receive a high amount of emails, the most 100 a day when most active. we expect you to reply to the majority of emails, this means you must have a few hours every couple of days or a few days just for sending email.

what will happen after i send the form back to you?
as soon as everyone has sent me the form back, i will read it, send it out to the RTA and everyone votes. when you get voted in (the majority of votes wins, whether it's yes or no. hardly anyone gets a no!) & then i will send an email out to all of you "the welcome email." this will cover about marmite again and tell you all about introductions. please start making your introduction now so that when Marmite starts you have it ready to send out.

in your introduction i would like you to write about yourself, what you do, your life, where you live, your culture, friends, family, hobbies, interests, etc. this gives everyone the first chance to get to know you & is very important into getting to know everyone else. :) please make it decent-sized... the better detail and the more you have written, the better we can get to know you. include photos, quotes, anything you think shows who you are. please don't assume we all know about where you live. everyone will be from different countries, europe, USA, etc. talk about your culture, your school/education/job, etc. :)

please make sure you...
1) are using an email address that can handle you sending bulk mail. googlemail is the best for this, aol is the worst unless you are whitelisted. bulk mail is what email clients call when you send a lot of email and they think it is spam. you will be sending quite a lot of mail, more than usual, so make sure your email client won't think you're sending spam & spazz out!
2) please make you sure have the time! 10 emails a week aren't enough. everyone sends a lot of email and we expect the same. there are surveys, daily questions, activities, things to get people talking. but i want you to want to talk. i want you to share things with us. use the rta like a diary! share everything (:
3) are not going to leave a couple of days after joining. it's very annoying =[.
4) won't be bitchy, rude, silent, etc. :) just, be nice!! :D

the form...
fill this out & send it to my.little.squirtle@gmail.com :]

name/age/location?: type
what is an RTA & why do you want to join?: type
what will you send?: type
tell me about yourself in 6 sentences?: type
are you aware of how active the rta is & that we require a big, long weekly update on your life?: type
what email address are you going to use? (i strongly recommend gmail): type
have you started your introduction?: type

thank you for your time!!

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