slap bet commissioner (quitesometime) wrote in add_me,
slap bet commissioner

so basically:

  • i am a published author.
  • i am a senior in high school.
  • i listen to too much music and read too many books.
  • i am online more than i should be.
  • i have a thing about naming inanimate objects and using nouns as verbs.
  • i quote dane cook in my daily life.
  • i have bipolar disorder.
  • i would be telekinetic, that is obviously the best power.
  • batman is hottest.
  • rainer maria rilke is a beautiful poet.
  • i have an 8gb ipod touch named ellen.
  • i would someday like to own a great dane named hamlet.
  • i do not like soda.

add me if you like, but please say if you're doing so, whether here or on my friends only page at my journal. i won't add people back unless i know where you're adding me from. :)

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