ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē (youthbrigade) wrote in add_me,
ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē

I think I post here too much.

I'm julie.
21, communications major, random, a walking contradiction, soft spoken, aspiring photographer & everything that text couldn't possibly describe.

I post on a very regular basis & looking for those who are active as well.
I'm not a frequent commenter. I do read & only comment when & if the feeling strikes me.
I don't expect anyone to revolve their life around my journal either.
So, if you're looking for someone who is, don't add me. you will be disappointed.

People 18+ are welcome to add me.
If you post about your drug use, refrain from adding me. whatever you do is your own business, I would just like not to read about it.
Also, if your life revolves around your romance, good for you, I just don't care about that either.

I want people who are driven, have lives & are open minded, like myself.

I like 90's alternative, REAL metal, techo, dance, trance, acoustic, classic rock, grunge & really anything rock 'n' roll.

My journal is uncensored.
It's filled with rants, me thinking out loud, vague entries, short entries, long entries & pictures.

I typically form good friendships with those who add me.
If you keep up with me, I'll keep up with you. Plain & simple.

Comment here, or on my friends only post.
If you randomly add me, I won't add you back. Mainly because I won't have any idea & that's just stupid & lazy.


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