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i'll make you tapas and guacamole, si.

right. so, i'm christl and since i've had renewed interest in my livejournal i've decided to make a better go at it and get some friends. in terms of who i am, i'm probably as interesting as the next person, but here goes:

i'm 18, turning 19 in april.
- i go to the school of the art institute of chicago.
- i don't really believe in traditional classrooms/learning.
- i'm self-taught in a lot of what i know/do.
- i'm a creative writer and however bad i may be i was good enough to be selected as 1 of 15 into the writing program at my college. i'm modest when it comes to most things but i'm really proud of this. it wasn't easy.
- i read like i have no life and post a lot in literaryquotes.
- i love charlie chaplin, bob dylan, pinups, the beat generation, film and video, documentaries, books on etiquette, chinese fans and organizers.
- i share a birthday with william shakespeare.
- this is me:

i have black hair now, and i usually don't go around without makeup or have a big silly grin on my face all the time, but you got the idea.

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