Evelyn Grey (gobblen) wrote in add_me,
Evelyn Grey

My name is Evelyn. A fortune cookie told me I was born with a metal spoon in my mouth, and I prefer paper over briefs.

I love to read rants, essays, opinions -- anything that people have to say. Stories, too; I enjoy giving feedback.

I post a lot of my own flash fiction and general thoughts and rants in my journal. There's seldom a post actually revolving around anything important in my life. I choose to keep mundane day to day things to myself. I will divulge that:

I recently ran away in a diplomatic sort of way. I'm living in Seattle, Washington. I'm a recluse. I spend enough time on the computer that Ray Bradbury would be disappointed in me -- then again, that man loved writing and reading, and I do both while I'm online. /headasplode

Moar information can be found in my friends only post. Leave a comment there and tell me about yourself if you'd like to be frenz, please. Link below.

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