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hei =D
♥ my real name is samantha jo, but everyone calls me something different.
most commonly known as sam or sami-jo.
♥ 18 as of 12:30pm today.
♥ senior in high school. president of my local HOSA (health occupations students of america) chapter. most popular and well-liked senior 'freak'.
♥ waynesboro, tennessee = born, raised, current residency.
♥ i love who i love, regardless of sex. but i usually like girls more for some reason. my lovelife atm is a little...warped, to say the least.
♥ i'm wiccan. there were a few months where i attended a southern baptist church & i LOVED it. but i realized it wasn't my thing & i ended up not being very comfortable with the whole christianity thing. i've been learning & practicing wicca since i was about 10. i love learning about different religions, but bible thumpers tend to bother me.
♥ i have 11 piercings & one tattoo.
♥ i write about everything in my journal. at any given time i may talk about more mature themes. if you're really against gay sex, sex in general, drug usage, self mutilation, and foul language, well you probably shouldn't add me.
♥ i'm bipolar. i'd say you'd notice pretty quickly. most of the time i'm happy-go-lucky and hyper as shit. but you know, there are the extreme lows too.
♥ i like to add my lj friends on myspace & text them. i try to actually get to know my lj friends, rather than just scan a few entries and ignore them.
♥ i'm not usually this html happy. but it's my birthday & i wanted this to be pretty. =]
♥ if you'd like to add me, go to my FRIENDS ONLY entry & add me first. i'm not really all that anal about it, but it's easier for me. i have a HORRIBLE memory & i've been known to comment a 'hey will you add me' with a 'sure thing!', only to forget about it.
so be a dear & help me out with that. also, i rarely check my email for community yeah.

music - i listen to EVERYTHING. from queen to cradle of filth, i love it all. my favorite band is H.I.M & i'm a little overly obsessed with them.
reading. video games. horror movies. hello kitty. invader zim. make up.
root beer. glowsticks. DIY. cartoons. neon colors. the color green!
crimson. dark purple. black. grey. victorian stuff. bargain shopping. goodwill. marlboro lights. jack daniels. art. poetry. techno. penpals.
marijuana. nursing. anatomy & physiology.

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