AnnaBannana (d0rk_muffin) wrote in add_me,

I like meeting new people.

Vic. 23.
A lover of both sex and books.
Student of life. Gamer & Dreamer.
Resident of So.Cal for now.
Will be moving to Japan in a week.

Most of the time I'm a walking contradiction (not the song, eh). I like: mangas, partying, gaming, shopping, collecting cutesy knicknacks, listening to Yan Tiersen and such. I'm both fascinated and disgusted by teenage drama. My life goal is setting foot in each continent (2 out of 7 so far). I can't decide whether I want to write the news or make the news. I'm a very fun loving person and love to meet new people. I sing in the shower. I dance like it's going out of style. I prance around in my room in my underwear. I laugh because life is too short not to. I am honest, loyal and at times, blunt. I am not easily offended. Last but not the least - You should add me cause I'll probably love you.

There's more in my profile//journal if interested.

Really, there's more to me than this post.

Just drop a comment if you'll like to be added.

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