bananarama1 (bananarama1) wrote in add_me,

hey all. i'm new to LJ. believe it or not, i'd never heard of LJ until my girlfriend brought it up after hearing about the recent layoffs so it appears i may be getting in on things right at the end. :\

anyway, my friend told me about the site and while i have a myspace and facebook like just about everyone else, the idea of a site that let's you have some anonymity, like this one does, really appeals to me. i mean, it's kinda great that people can't just type in my name and find me.

so about me:

i always have a lot to say but I get overly excited and always end up not making any sense in the end. i'm pretty laid back, but at the same time, i'm always up for a new adventure. i would rather chill with a small group of my friends over going out clubbing. my friends mean the WORLD to me! i couldn't possibly ask for any better! i say "bro" and "dude" like they're the only two words in the dictionary. haha i have come to the conclusion that I am a 65 year-old woman stuck in a teen girl's body ... in the wrong decade. i'm reading 24/7, writing constantly, and art is my passion. i have a vintage chair in my bedroom right next to my record player, and have given him the name of Charles Darwin because i'm fascinated by Darwin and love to name inanimate objects. i sow, and don't watch a lot of TV aside from a few shows i can't miss and the news. my hair is ALWAYS a mess, and I wear hoodies almost every day. i'm obsessed with The Doors and Jim Morrison. i can seemingly never find clothes that fit! i have no idea what color my eyes are. i've been put into some pretty hard positions in my life -- positions that no one should ever have to be in. i have a dark past but also a very bright future. i may look "scene" because of my hair and because i'm into piercings and tattoos, but i'm really not at all.

here's a video i did that's on my myspace that explains me more personally. give it a watch!!¤t=f668f2b5.flv

i don't know why, but the embed isn't working! (remember, i'm new to this! haha) just click on the link. :)

if you want to add me, it'd be great if you can leave a few details about yourself in my friends-only post.

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