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Hello there!
I joined LJ a couple of years ago, I suppose, but only was it fairly recently that I ressurected it, and began to post somewhat daily.
Then I had the realization that I had only two friends!
Oh my goodness!
So what would be the point in posting, if only for myself and for people I talk to anyways?

I've taken a huge step in discussing things that are personal to me, so I see the next step is to share them with people I hardly know (but hope to get to know)

I'm almost 17, female, and i live in Ontario, Canada.
I'm not sure how to describe myself.
I love music, it's my one vice. I listen to a lot of heavy metal, but I listen to EVERYTHING (though not a bunch of rap)
I aspire in my writing, and I'm trying to get myself started on a full length story.
I like to write, and I enjoy writing eloquently.

I also like getting to know new people as well.
And I hope I'll be able to do this, through LiveJournal.

Add me? =)

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