aphrodites_arms (aphrodites_arms) wrote in add_me,

Hey I'm LeAnn. Just turned 21. :) I started a new journal for the new year and I need some new friends. Preferably around my age with similar lives/interests. I live in Missouri with my fiance. I'm a soon-to-be step mommy of three wonderful kiddos. :) I'm a typical girl. I talk about makeup and movies and relationships and shopping. I love the Beatles and all things mini! My favorite colors are pink and brown together. At times I can be guy-ish. I love Family Guy and Rock Band. I hate my job. I post at least once daily... sometimes more than that. Sometimes my entries are deep and meaningful. Other times it's the typical day-to-day stuff. I love reading about the lives of other people and I comment when I have something to say. Add me n' I'll add you back!

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