chanel (sheischemical) wrote in add_me,

im closing in on 21
my journal is about partying, school, bullshit, change, whiskey & weed, sometimes guys, sometimes personal things such as sex/random hook ups....although im almost past that phase of my life

i dont really work
but i post pictures of everything from parties to 'work'
which is being a lumberjack and driving a tractor with a 6pack

im from the countryside of the midwest

im an artist

i cuss like a sailor

i drink like a fish

i have fun like its 2012

i want friends that i can actually get to know - we have to communicate thru comments (not every entry but not never either). i mean
i do ACTUALLY read my friends page and i would expect you to do the same

i dont want new friends with journals all about your;
sad sack stupidass job
boyfriend/girlfriend that youre either madly in love with or should be dumping
online games
anything else redundant and boring

im also not much for reading incredibly small font or long entries

comment here or on my journal

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