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a writer's revolution

I really do live a Bohemian lifestyle (I'm aware of Czech history, yes, but I am using this term loosely) in it's philosophical term, not in the fashion sense. I have no regard for any conventional rule of society or behavior. I enjoy taking my time, seeing and reading up on art, literature, and philosophy, and going to coffee shops to write and observe people. I love concerts especially jazz and classical. I honestly do things that will make me happy, and turn a deaf ear to people that are concerned about me not fitting into this Western ideal of working 100 hours a week. I enjoy travelling and learning from the people that I meet in my travels. I love lemondae and lazy strolls around parks and nature. I like weekend boyfriends. I admire my free-spirited nature. I'm always trying to look to add some awesome bands to my iTunes. My goal is to learn as many languages as I can. This is what I have so far: Fluency: English, Spanish. Basic German and Hungarian. Basic reading in French, and a basic understanding (orally) of Portugese.

F. From Budapest, Hungary now, but I lived in Miami, FLA before and New Orleans.

I am Eli, pleased to me you :D

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