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Rant, Mister Rant


I was once known as Mister_Rant, and I used that blog to write anything I thought was funny. Quite often, the jokes being made were at the expense of anybody or anything I observed out in the world I thought deserved it. Sometimes they were Republicans (or the government in general), other times it was a company releasing a stupid commercial (or engaging in questionable business practices). Sometimes it was the people (the every day consumer) who might have unknowingly encouraged said companies to engage in such crappy practices in the first place. 

Obviously, I had a very full plate.
I don't want to be Mister_Rant. We're still idiots, but I'm tired of bitching or making fun of things I'm often unable to control.

Name: Ramison_Travers

Age: 34

State: (for now) Indiana

Sex/Gender: bi-sexual male

Occupation: domestic observer (disabled couch potato)

Marital Status: 2 failed engagements, now a committed relationship.

Interests: The paranormal, politics, women, men, bdsm, Not reality television, Tom Waits, Blues, Classic Rock, science-fiction. writing, multiple sclerosis, disability.

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