mr_mak (mr_mak) wrote in add_me,

TJ, T Mak, Makmillion...its all the same. 21. Moved to Savannah for art school, ended up gigging and pursuing my band instead. I'm stubborn and impatient, but talented and dedicated.
Lived a pretty interesting life so far, have tons of stories to share. Raised on a farm where there was nothing to do except get in trouble with my brother. We lit our town on fire experimenting with fireweed and cigarrettes. Still experimental to this day and its been fun. I dont know anybody else that has gotten away with throwing horse feces at a cop during a night of drunken revelry.
Best things in life is the happiness shared between friends, and drugs probably pull a close second. Not down with flakes, fakes and liars. Non-existent love life and partially active sex life; the female species is just too complicated to get too involved with. Very opinionated and have nothing but greatness to offer.

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