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RAW RAW RAW! *dun dun dun dun*

Hey everybody! I have just come back from my OMG long leave from LJ and I would like to get to know some new people!
This is a list of 25 Random things about me, so go ahead and take a gander! I originally did this as a "get to know ya" questionaire for a friend. You were to list 25 random facts, habits, likes dislikes etc... about yourself and tag 25 dif people to do the same. It was fun, so I decided to post on here ^^
You dont have to do it or anything, but its a good way to let people know what you are about. So ya, Add me if you dare! 

-I am Bi-Sexual
-I attended Culinary School
-I love japanese food
-I love Country music
-I taught line dancing and square dancing in Highschool
-I love to write letters
-sex?....(would that be a fact or a habit?? lol)
-I am completely spontaniously awsome (says the boyfriend in bed next to me)
-My favourite colour is Green
-If I were to be enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry my house would be Slytherin
-I play Magic the Gathering (its a trading card game, kinda like Yugi-Oh for Grown-ups, lol)
-My favourite Actor in the whole world is Robin Williams
-My mission in life is to own every single work that Robin Williams has ever starred in or had a part of
-I am a slave to the programming on CTV (all the CSIs, Criminal minds, Without a Trace, Cold Case etc..)
-My eyes are Crystal Blue
-I love anime
-I have this thing about stealing my boyfriends clothes
-HUGE comics fan (DC and Marvel)
-Treasure hunt type movies are my favourtie, like National Treasure, Da Vinci Code, anything with a mystery
-I collect plushie teddy bears
-Bingo is my favourite way to Gamble
-I live on my own, in a basement suite, no room mates
-I am probably the biggest Scooby Doo fan you will ever meet
-Arcana is my favourite online comic! (yay pretty gay boys, vampries and harpies!)
-And my drink of choice at the bar is between a Jager Bomb or a Blue Curacoa and Sprite with Lime (pornstar shooters are fab!)

So there you have it Ladies and Gents! Most of my soul poured out into this electronic piece of space in the world wide web!
My statement as thus before, add me if you dare!


Loves, **RL**

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