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hi im new here.
my names ella
- 16
- single
- senior year
- mentally ill (social anxiety, depression)
- i love animals
- blonde
- love tommy hilfiger
- love frangipanis
- plans to study medicine at uni
- south australia
- want to get back into horse riding one day soon
- i want a dog, either german shepherd, golden retriever or maltese x schitzu x cavalier
- love to travel
- very lonely
- love new underwear
- miss starbucks
- self harmer
- i have 5 ipods
- i was at boarding school for one year. now i am a day student there
- love pyjama pants. have about 10 pairs
- love burberry scarves
- i like to swim and go to the gym
- my favourite food at the moment is pasta

thats it i think.
add me if you wish.


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