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Helloes, I go by thefuzzyhat or just fuzzy.  20 from Southern California...where there's a show about which specific county I am in...

A list of things I like shall suffice, I think:

+Reading. Always up for recommendations.
+Collecting movies. Again, I love recommendations.
+Drawing and making stuffs to sell on my Etsy.
+Video games.
(Various genres apply to all my likes. I am very, as my sister says, eclectic in my tastes.)

For info on what exactly I like, my interests in my profile are plenty.

What to expect in my journal:
I usually post about once or twice a week at most. I post memes, big news, links to fun stuff, and all the crafty/artsy stuff I have planned/done.
I like to make icons, every so often I post a link to my icon journal. I also write, fanfiction and original. But I don't usually post links to that unless it applies to everyone. I love taking requests for one-shots from a specific fandom, though. :D

The only time I have removed friends were instances where their journals had been basically abandoned for more than a year. I don't do cuts based on commenting or participation in my life. That's plain silly. Be forewarned, I swear. Not all the time, but in moments of great emotion.
But if I do friend you back, expect me to care about you. Yes, I love my Flist. Very much. <333

Oh, and I'm very friendly. >8D

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