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Bonjour! My name is Asia, I'm 14 years old, and I currently live in Long Beach, California. I'm a freshman in high school. So young, I know haha. I'll always be a big city girl... I hate living in small towns. My school is the 2nd most populous school in California. I'm mixed - half black & half filipino. I'm an air force brat, but unfortunately my father retired in 2004 while we were in Japan. I've moved about 8 times. I was born in Moreno Valley, California; but then I moved to Mississippi, Alabama, Colorado, Montana, Japan, Philippines, Texas, and now I'm back in California. My favorite color is pink, if that wasn't obvious by my username. I can understand Tagalog (Philippines), and I want to take Spanish next year. At the moment, I take French and it's a very difficult language to understand and learn, and I don't think I can keep up. When I get older, I hope to get into film production. I want to go to UCLA / USC (I can go to UCLA for free. If I can get a scholarship to USC, great haha). My dance team is going to perform at the NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii next week!

I like...
• cheer / dance
• the color pink
• sidekicks
• pull-over hoodies
• gaming platforms. ps3 = <33333
• social networking sites (myspace, facebook, twitter, tumblr, lj, etc.)
• junkfood!
• hair bows & ribbons
• going to school to actually get an education, in addition to being able to make new friends and people.
• film production
• fashion
• photography
• movies
• harry potter
• notebooks / stationary / paper
• oversized bags & sunglasses
• etc!

*note: I brag. A LOT.

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