el glitztard (lethalz) wrote in add_me,
el glitztard


My name is Lindsey, but you can call me anything you want.

I live in the good ol' SF Bay Area, and have for my whole life.

My birthday is March 14th, and I'll be turning 19 this year.

My username pisses me off, it's really old, and I can't wait to change it.

I'm a bit of a contradiction. I like silly childish things like rainbows and unicorns, stuffed animals
and toys make me happy, and I think tea parties should be required at least once every six months.

On the other hand, I'm a political activist and aspiring journalist who thinks socialism
is a good thing and everyone should smoke large amounts of weed.

I love LiveJournal. It must be a hardcore addiction, because I've been on
it since 2001 and haven't left yet. [I was 11 at the time, sorry, COPPA.]

If you think we'd get along, we have something in common, or we have nothing
in common and that's interesting to you, then add me! I comment whenever
something strikes me, and that's pretty often. I don't expect you to do the
same, although it would be really nice.
[this is x-posted. what are you gonna do? :p]

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