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I've been here many times before, but there's always room for more on my flist :]

get familiar !

my name's anika and i'm 3% robot.
and that's uhkneekuh.

14. loud. rambunctious. occasionally obnoxious. hilarious. in need of dire help. 85% music, 10% stalker, 3% robot, 2% real life. in love with last.fm. a writer. the greatest kid of life but not really.
and those are just the basics.

music is pretty much my life. i live it, love it, breathe it. if i didn't have music, i'd die. it's what fuels me.
i'm kind of an idiot sometimes and forget really simple things.
my biggest heroes are andrew mcmahon and william beckett, in that order. andrew's saved my life on more than one occasion and william is my source of inspiration for everything.
i'm pretty much the greatest kid of life that you'll ever meet, but not really.
i've been told i have a great personality.
i win happy hardcore sometimes.
i'm aspiring to become a musician. the kind of stuff i write is a lot like this is ivy league. i love them a lot.
if that doesn't work out, i'll become a writer.
i often replace S's with Z's and i don't know why. it's just something i do.
my favorite colors are purple, yellow, green, and blue.
sin city is easily one of my favorite movies.
i listen to far too much music for my own good, and then i realize there's no such thing as too much music.
my friends are my everything and if i were to sit here and do a write up on each of them individually, i'd never be finished.
the thing that pisses me off more than anything is a fake person. a fake and a liar are my two biggest pet peeves. if you're a fake and/or a liar, gtfo of my flist right now. i will not tolerate your bullshit and i don't want you dirtying up my flist k ? k.
oh and another thing, i swear like no fucking tomorrow. if that is going to bug you, don't add me.
i am the craziest, most random person you will EVER meet.
i always have my friend's backs.
you could come up to me on the worst day of your life, and i can make you smile.
i post everyday, and most of it's random shit
and i abuse caps a lot.
if you don't mind at all, then we should be fine.

that's more or less me in a nutshell.

the academy is… all time low. bedouin soundclash. blake lewis. breaking benjamin. cobra starship. damien rice. david cook. fall out boy. forever the sickest kids. the fray. the hush sound. jack’s mannequin. k-os. kanye west. katy perry. lights. maroon 5. matt costa. matt dusk. matt nathanson. matt white. meg & dia. the mile after. mobile. motion city soundtrack. my favorite highway. onerepublic. panic[!] at the disco. paramore. phantom planet. powerspace. ryan taylor bliss. sam roberts. sherwood. sia. something corporate. stars. sufjan stevens. taking back sunday. tegan and sara. this is ivy league. vampire weekend. the weepies. we the kings. 30 seconds to mars. & there's a hell of a lot more where that came from.

i think you should add me :D
and if you do
comment my friend's only post !
oh and if we don't have AT LEAST music in common, we will have nothing in common.


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