Tiffany (blueskywaiting) wrote in add_me,

My name is Tiffany.
I've posted here a couple times, but I figured it was about to time to again.

I am a tad obsessed with the 60s and 70s. I would have loved to have lived through them.
I like any type of art, I especially love Van Gogh. Anything vintage, mod, retro interests me. I'm in the midst of changing my entire wardrobe to looks inspired by those times.
I currently want to learn how to crochet.
I am very involved in charity work. I sponsor three girls from other countries. I love to donate whenever possible.
I have about $5k in credit card debt.
I'm hypoglycemic and suffer from hypotension as well. I also have chronic migraines that I try to keep under control with meds.
My favorite color is yellow and I love sunflowers. Late spring and early fall are my favorite seasons, but summer is my favorite time of year.
I drink milk so much that I even have a glass with my cereal.
I have an addiction to salt that could only be understood if you lived with me.
I love to write and I think it's the only thing I really love to do for myself.
I work at Borders, so I enjoy just walking around and reading the backs of as many books as I can.
I'm in an incredibly happy relationship, that would probably make you sick. But don't worry I don't rub it in, nor do I write mushy gushy.

I'm looking for a few more friends.
I'm getting by just like everyone else.
I'm at a loss for words, so I copied half of this from my profile, go there for more about my interests.
I like to get to know my friends, I comment as much as possible, & I always read.
I enjoy some comments myself.

My journal is friends only, so comment my friends only post for an add.
I will add anyone interested in adding me as well. :]

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