Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago. (gobblevamp) wrote in add_me,
Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago.

I just made a major friends cut [about eighty people are gone now] and I'm back for more.

Before I post properly, I will say that before you add me read my friends only post.

If you didn't, it'll be obvious and I won't add you.

I'm Froggie.


-I'm a dreadlock fanatic and have three dreadlocks named Lazarus, Cornelius and Fernando.
-I'm a huge horror buff and can't stand comedy films. A badly made horror is ten times funnier than a well-made comedy.
-It doesn't matter what age I am.
-My hair has been black, blonde, brown, blue, pink, purple, orange, red, gingerish, yellowish and green. Several times each, for many of those.
-My favourite music consists mainly of industrial and darkwave. Favourite artists/bands include Emilie Autumn, The Cure, Angelspit, She Wants Revenge, ThouShaltNot, The Cruxshadows, Neil Gaiman and The Dresden Dolls.
-I do comment on the journals of all those on my friends page.
-I have a wonderful boyfriend, who I'm in a 24/7 D/s relationship with.
-I'm into corsetry. Haven't done waist training as I already have freakish proportions but I am severely interested in it.
-My journal is a complete mishmash of everything going on in my brain, which means that it is [oh dear] rated 'R'. May contain nudity, sexual references and adult themes. I rarely swear, but there may be some in there.
-I'm pansexual.
-I love to read. This includes horror, fantasy, science fiction and splish-splashes of non-fiction and crime.
-I'm a huge film buff. I watch roughly three films a week.
-Not a big television fan, but I do love Dexter, who makes me feel happy inside.


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