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Oh wow. I'm whoring for new friends. I was away from LJ for so long that damn near everyone dropped me. But now I'm back! And i want/need friends<3
I'm silly sometimes, and most the time i think i'm the funniest thing on God's green earth (in reality I'm not)
I love cars and talk about combustion and torque way more than any other girl I've ever met.
I listen to all flavors of music and watch all types of movies
I never have a solid opinion on anything
I am 28 and still go out of my way to piss my parents off
I love to write bad poetry and am now under the impression that I can write novels.
I like comments and commenting. Most of the time i make sense, sometimes... not so much. Especially when I'm on pain pills for my stupid back injust BS. Like right now. I'm a little drugged ;p
I pretend to care about spelling and punctuation but in reality don't give a flying you-know-what.
I swear. Alot. More than the guys that i work with. Oops. Hope y'all can handle that.
I live in the Rock-Free state (Utah) and have 2 kids, 1 hubby (for the time being... read my journal for details) and no, I am not a Mormon! Gah!

Read about me if you'd like, Add me if you really like.

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