Jodie (earlysunsets_x) wrote in add_me,

Jodie, 15, England (Liverpool.)
Single & straight.
I like art, music and reading
(just like everyone else)
I'm interested in philosophy and psychology.
I want to be a forensic psychologist.
I'm an open minded athiest (:O rly)
I only just started posting again after deleting everything.
My posts will often be short and boring

and sometimes about fandom;

Tv: Supernatural, House MD, Skins, Gossip Girl etc.
Movies: Fight Club, American History X, Serenity, Jarhead etc.
Music: Fall Out Boy, Death Cab For Cutie, Elliott Smtih, The Killers, Cobra Starship, The Fratellis etc.
Books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Looking For Alaska etc.

Don't add me if you're homophobic
or if you don't like the fact that I read fanfiction :)

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