Kyara (kyaram) wrote in add_me,

Need new friends.

I've been slacking on my journal as of late, and starting to get back into it. But I've been slacking so long that my friends just aren't comment anymore. Maybe they're angry at me or something... lol.... Point is, I want more friends. I don't always comment, unless I have something to say... Lately it isn't much, but I have commented some.

Info about me:

- I'm 28.

- I'm engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. He proposed on October 8, 2008 to the surprise of both of us. Yes, it wasn't planned. Kevin Smith came to town that day, and I love the guy, so we went. When we got our turn to talk to Kevin, he noticed that we were cute and kissed a lot, so asked if we were engaged. We said, "Not yet." Than he proceeded to brow beat my fiancee into proposing to me... After about 3 seconds of thinking "Is there a reason why I haven't proposed yet? No. I want to marry her, so why not..." he got down on one knee, held my left hand (no ring) and said, "We've been dating for 2 and some years. Because I love you, because we'd make beautiful babies, and because Kevin Smith is being a dick, will you marry me?"  Obviously I said yes. Our relationship isn't perfect, it has it's problems, but generally we're really happy.

- Ted (my fiancee) and I are house sitting for his parents while they're away in Arizona for the winter. We live in Edmonton, AB, Canada on an acerage at the moment. It's better than being with my insanely toxic parents, but it has it's problems because I'm stuck here... AHHH lol.

- I'm jobless but looking for ways to make money at home. Again, because I'm stuck here with nowhere to go.

- I'm trying to sell a wonderful health product called Mona Vie. It's made some really amazing changes in my life, and I want EVERYONE to have the same benefits in their lives.

Sooo... leave a comment and add me! It's a friends only blog, so if you want to actually read, I need to add you :).


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