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I'm A Work In Progress ~



+Bi – But in a relationship with the greatest guy ever. I adore my crazy boyfriend.

+College Student – International Studies Major w/ History and Political Science Minors (studying Japanese as my language and excited as all hell to be taking Arabic next year)

+Go To An All Women’s College (it’s not as fun as it sounds though I do love my school to pieces)

+Have 3 Citizenships (USA, Ireland, Israel – have lived in 4 Countries: USA, Ireland, England, and Israel)

+From Chicago but currently going to school in VA

+Shows: Supernatural, Dexter, NCIS, House, Heroes, Torchwood, Dr. Who

+Music: Very eclectic anything (except rap) from 3 Doors Down to A Fine Frenzy to Breaking Benjamin, Globus, Emilie Autumn, Imogen Heap, I:Scintilla to Lacuna Coil, Nickelback, Nightwish, Switchblade Symphony, Skillet, Within Temptation, Vienna Teng

+ Interests: Reading, Writing, Horses (my family has bred ponies for almost 50 years so horses are a huge part of my life), Learning Languages, Japan, Ireland, the Middle East, Photography, Art History, Travel, Tea

My journal is pretty varied at the moment. I’m going through a growth/transition phase and my journal reflects that. There’ll be entries on everything from slices of my day-to-day life, random conversations I have with my friends/Boyfriend to poetry and picture entries. Occasionally I write original fiction and used to write fanfiction but have moved past that phase of my life really.

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