Paul LOLZ (nuthinonme) wrote in add_me,


I'm Paul.  18, gay, democrat, atheist, in high school& I live in Boston.

I talk about serious issues, but I like to be fun too.
I love clothes, but I don't write about it too much.
I live for and collect Nike SB Dunks.
I work at a hair salon, but I am NOT Miss Jay.
I love all music minus country and emo.  Faves: Pixies, Justice, Lil Wayne, The Bloody Beetroots
I love movies too, but nothing with Adam Sandler/Will Ferrel.  Faves: Shelter, Cabin Fever, Children of Men, Gummo
I don't really watch TV, but I like Ugly Betty (ha)
I love all sushi/asian food, but I hate Italian food, pasta, and ground beef.
I have a really... unique family life.


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