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new to lj

 I'm katie, I'm 20. I live on the east coast (US) and I'm just trying to find some people with similar interests? a few things...

-I'd have to agreed with the person that posted before me, I'm pretty positive I have insomnia. I'm hyper almost all of the time due to severe ADHD.
-I've graduated high school and I am taking a year off before college.
-I'm really into all sorts of music, everything from classical to pop to radio rock and indie. even some country.
-I'm a people person but girls tend to not like me (all of my friends are guys, I've always wanted girl friends though)
-There are about a million interests I want to pursue which range from learning new instruments (or improving on old), traveling, cooking, writing, running, dancing, etc. etc. I could seriously go on forever if you really want to know more look at my profile interests...
-I want to go into real estate when the economy picks up

I don't really intend on posting to my journal all that often but I'd like to meet new people! I don't really care from where or what age range you are, I get along with pretty much everyone:)


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