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Hi! I'm Christen, I'm a 17-year old girl who lives in Washington State. I'm currently attending college classes and trying to finish high school, all while thinking OH GOD OH GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE.

People say that I am charming and have a delightful sense of humor; usually what they mean is that I have a completely warped sense of what's funny and am incredibly odd. I don't think I'm that weird though; I'm just really super geeky.

If you were to read my journal, some of the entries would be about silly or geeky things, and some would be about the little things in life that strike me as amusing; but occasionally you'll get the woe-is-me oh life sucks and my parents just don't UNDERSTAND entry that one might typically expect from a well-loved middle-class suburban white girl somewhere in Michigan.

But mostly just silly and geeky and amusing light-hearted things. And no bad poetry, I promise.

If you'd like, please add me! :)

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