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HIIIII!!!! As you can probably tell, I'm super hyper, lol. I'm name's Famirka, female, 14.


I don't really have friends, just people I use to pass the time at school (acquaintances, I guess you could call them), and that's kinda why I'm here, to make friends. So if you add me, please actually do it because you want to get to know me and not just to up your count!!

A little about me: Music is my life. I don't go anywhere without my ipod. *shudders at the mere thought*. I like to write drabbles and scripts. I hate P.E. I like sparke nail polish. I'm bi and hate homophobes. I have ADHD. I'm a fag hag, lol. Matt from Death Note is my future husband. I want to travel the world (there's a place out there where I belong, I just have to find it).

Add me and I'll add back, just comment :D

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