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19 years old....From New England.

I believe in God more than any thing I can see. Please don't stop reading just because I said "God".  I think I'm just beginning my walk of faith, it's been a year and I've learned so much is really overwhelming sometimes I feel like Im going to slip into a catatonic state from too  much truth.... lol This universe is intense. I just started studying physics along with biology and these studies linked with the spiritual studies is pretty epic. I don't like religions, I think they're losing their touch, seems like people just want to go "play chuch" and continue doing things the same way. Believing is a full time job guys.

I used to be really into drugs. You name it, I've done it, besides heroin. I have a lot of friends hooked on that though. If you have any questions about drug abuse/recovery, I'd love to help somehow, un/fortunately drugs are one thing in this world I know a lot about.
I'm finding ways to use it to the world's advantage though. I do not condone the use of ANY drugs, not even the pharmacy junk.

I've been diagnosed with ALOT of things. But who hasnt? We're evolving every day, the doc's just can't keep up with it so theyre naming us sick until they have a better explaination,  when it's really just all a part of our growth. I think we're all amazing creatures, especially this upcoming generation.... 
I still have my dark hours that are pretty bloody dark. Especially around a full moon, its weird and just realized the coincidence of it.  I tried killing myself 5 years ago back in the drug days and I'm here to tell ya: Fact is we have to live with ourselves the rest of our lives we better learn to deal with us....... We are never given more than we can handle and we limit ourselves because we think we have to.  I used to be on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, some may have worked, some made me numb, all in all I grew another dependency on something and I now learn we should only be dependent in our Creator, (not the parents lol) If anti-whatevers are working for you, I'm happy for you. I also have faith one day you'll manipulate that same happiness within you all naturally.

Anyway, I dont really know what to say here to make you want to add me. I write about those sort of things mentioned as well as other psychological things, I post inspirational quotes and facts of interest to me. I don't like to complain but sometimes I get on my pity potty and I'd like a friend to tell me to hush up sometime...Lately my entries have been pretty blah...I know we should be grateful and a lot of the things I tell people I should tell myself more haha....hmm...Oh and I usually will always have something to say about something unless I sense I should keep silence. I love giving advice and connecting people to other people that may further their potentials and talents.

Hobbies? I play piano and guitar. I read lots and lots. I draw and play outside like a little kid :D
If you think we think even remotely the same in some way or you need anything, add it up!



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