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My name is Kris, I'm 18, and I'm pretty much a nerd. :D This journal's relatively new. It's all about college and fandom, and I'll usually have a squee!fit over Amanda Tapping or Rahm Emanuel every so often. And I might post some excerpts from the novel I'm failing to write.

Favorite Music: Jonathan Coulton, Stabilo, Schwarz Stein
Favorite Movies: Everything by Wes Anderson, everything with David Hewlett, and Dead Again
Favorite TV Shows: Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, The West Wing
Favorite Reading: P.G. Wodehouse, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dave Barry
Favorite Other Things: McShep, TVTropes, xkcd
Any Warnings?: Liberal viewpoint, LGBT issues, atheism, some fangirling, Twilight-hate, openness to belief in alien life and macroevolution, a sick and twisted sense of humor, and slightly antagonistic views towards most organized Western religion. (I'm working on that last one!)

I love to discuss philosophy and controversial issues. Drama is one thing, but an intellectual argument is actually really fun, when everyone's civil and backs up their side with evidence. I think so anyway. :D So I guess, add me if this all sounds like your cup of tea!

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