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Hi, I'm Rachel.
Sixteen, soon to be seventeen. First Generation Australian; Scottish by blood.
I like to breathe, laugh, read, write, talk, draw, sleep, eat, walk and think.
An optimist, a romantic, a bit of a huge grammar nazi, would-be magazine editor, messy.
I keep three pet goldfish called Sculder, Spooky and Starbuck. I <3 them. (Get the reference and I'll love you forever.) 
I dearly want a cat and a pair of overalls.
I speak German.
David Tennant is insanely sexy. Roger Federer is brilliant, and Emily Dickinson is my hero.
I dye my hair.. not often, but not rarely, either. Currently brunette, naturally blonde. Want pink bits.
I want to write for a living.
I want a small, humble, homey house with a family and pets.
I want to live, love and care too much and too little.

The X-Files, Blackadder, Bones, The Young Ones, Doctor Who, Catherine Tate, Heroes, The Number 23, Saw, The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, The Sound of Music, Sweeney Todd & Phantom of the Opera.
(I have seen Phantom on stage and would LOVE to see Sweeney + The Sound of Music.)

BOOKS: Uglies, Anne of Green Gables, Pride & Prejudice, Gone With the Wind, The Thorn Birds, To K
ill a Mockingbird, + ANYTHING else.
MUSICABBA (don't judge!), Emilie Autumn, Nickelback, Nobuo Uematsu, ThouShaltNot, Coldplay, Within Temptation, and anything that's not slutty, rap, hiphop, country or obscene.

Interested? Leave a comment on my
FRIENDS ONLY entry, and I'll add you. :D 

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