Molly (vanityfacade) wrote in add_me,

i am really strange person, but i have mostly come to terms with it. i really enjoy movies, i go and see at least one every week. i read a lot, mostly memoirs, but i also read cosmo cover to cover every month. i like to bake. i like animals. i have four dogs and a chinchilla. i was a vegetarian but now i sometimes eat chicken nuggets. i work at an ice cream place and i am desperate to get out of there. i'm really considering getting a job as one of those costumed people that dance around on the side of the road. i listen to a large variety of music, but old pop-punk and indie pop really have my heart. the office, scrubs, and 30 rock are my favorite shows. annnnd i am probably never going to decide on a career. right now i'm considering massage therapy.

important facts: i am nineteen (i'll be twenty in may), i do not like to use capital letters most of the time (i'm too lazy to hit shift) but i do my best with grammar, punctuation, and spelling, i am a girl, my name is molly, i am ridiculous. okay add me! bye!

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