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Join lifewithlj

What's the point of promoting a community in a promotion only community? Everyone goes there to promote, not find new friends. That is the most ridiculous concept I see on live journal, and it's pretty wide spread in "add me" communities. I'm one of those out there with at least half a brain that wants to end that.

So here.. feel free to promote your personal journal, your blogger account, your wordpress, your myspace, your facebook, or whatever social network you're a part of. We're all looking for new friends, yes? You should know how to advertise yourself, so go for it.

The major rule is no constant self whoring. Others are basic internet etiquotte. You know, put large photos behind cuts, don't be a douche bag, etc etc.

Join my other group, audio_fetish!!

I post a lot of rare music goodies there including concerts, unreleased songs, demos, mixtapes, tour dates, album reviews, rants on the industry in general, and more. Only members of this group get to see the rare stuff!

I'm your moderator, double_x_minus. I'll be keeping this place nice and tidy on my own until this group gets bigger and I need some help. Add me if you would like. My journal can be pretty interesting sometimes.
Well, that's behind there since I posted a little bit of it last night. There's more to it now since I have more going on. Have a look.

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