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good bad introduction is good bad no bad

I am a 100000000 year old bluebird with a wingspan of 17cm. I can fly I can fly I can fly. (you cannot fly you cannot fly you cannot fly)

I have flown over the perilous swamp lands of Mongongwok where the monsters dwell, each time narrowly escaping a certain death from their claws and jaws. "Grrr you fly at 200000km/h, we move at 12937km/h but one day we will catch you bluebird!" They often say, brandishing their fists and smacking their thick purple lips.

Every odd sunday, I would dance and chant NA MO NA MO NA MO O GREAT FOREST GOD with witches and demons of old 'round great ancient monoliths that encircle the grey skies above us. NA MO NA MO NA NA NA NA MO MO MO MO NA NA NA MO MO MO MO MOOOOO

Lastly, I have been to space, and traveled the interstellar highways that lead to the doors of sleeping gods. I would often knock the heavy oak doors, and the Gods would respond often looking like -_- zzZZZzzzZZZzzzz with rollers in their hair and a trail of saliva often dripping from the edges of their mouths. " Humans were made in our image!" They say, in defense of their immortal sin. 

Anyway I am a bluebird. I have hollow bones. I like sushi and spicy food and I can fly (you cannot fly)

So add me. 


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