brandy alexander (equalupstairs) wrote in add_me,
brandy alexander

My name is Olivia.
I'm generally either ridiculously vague or entirely too detailed.
There's no happy medium, and sometimes I disable comments.
I hate it when people comment on other entries to reply to those.
I'm not going to lie; I'm not terribly interesting.
I don't party and I've never dated, so I won't be posting any of your typical teenaged bullshit.
I don't care how old you are, so long as you're not looking to get e!laid.

What do I do?
Well, I read and write a lot. What do I read? I'll try anything once. I enjoy being made to think, however, and yes- I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. What do I write? Everything. Thoughts, reviews, poems. Call them what you will. Discussion is lovely, but I don't try to make every entry like a Socratic seminar prompt.
I act and sing, but I don't really mention that much in my journal. Theatre completes me. No, I'm not a star of any sorts. Just a struggling young artist in the middle of nowhere. I'd tell you what my interests are, but that's why I have a profile. Besides, if you're only going to add me because we like the same music, chances are that friendship wouldn't last that long.

I do my best to comment, but I won't if I have nothing to say. I want to get to know you, and I want you to get to know me, but I don't think "oh, that sucks" every now and again really cuts the cake. I'd rather you chime in with something of substance every month or so than every day with something like that. So needless to say, I don't expect a lot.

Anything else? Please do ask.
I'm an open book.

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