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hello... again..

**I've been on this community on countless other journals that have since crashed and burned and now I'm back with yet another one to destroy.. MWAHAHAHAHA...

Uhmmm... I shouldn't have said that...




Hi, my name's Jenny...

I'm too complicated for anyone to ever understand..
Sweets, Anime, and WoW are my vices..
I'm not good with keeping in touch...
I'm 21, but I'm still just a little girl..
Some people think I'm Japanese or Korean but I'm really not..
I'm scared of a lot of things..
I'm not too good at making friends..
I'm shy, quiet, childish, awkward, and insecure.. (only until someone starts talking to me)
I'm passive but severely vengeful; creative but very lazy..
I like to do things my own way and am too stubborn to listen to anyone..
I can be very pessimistic at times..
I can be too angry at times, though I never really show it..
I'm confused half of the time..
I have violent thoughts about what to do with the people I can't stand..
I have a very unhealthy addiction to cake...
I have too much fun making fun of other people... I'm evil, I know..
I have no patience for religion...
I like to laugh at random things..

For anything else, just ask...

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