rawrr_queenn (rawrr_queenn) wrote in add_me,

+ 16 years young
+ Karma..plain and simple.. nice to her.. shes nice to you =]
+ Doesn't believe in labels. We're equals
+ Could care less what you think of her.
+ Walks around with princess crowns.
+ Has many nicknames, its slightly depressing.
+ Loves music
+ Loves Elmo
+ Dora the Explorer!
+ Likes pens.
+ Relys on ducttape, advil and bandaids. They are used quite frequently.
+ Advil helps.!
+ Writes in her notebook too much. It fell apart.
+ Doesn't do her homework.
+ Hates it when people have atrocious spelling/grammar errors.
+ Dances in her underwear... and enjoys it !
+ Screams at the top of her lungs on random occasions.
+ Sings in the hallways with her guitar.
+ Dances niceynice infront of her dance teacher, and dances like an idiot in public.
+ Goes to the movies too much, She's broke.
+ Mooches off of her brothers lots, and goes shopping with her sister.
+ Gets into fist fights with her two brothers lots.
+ Wants to become a music therapist

++ I actually comment back, though a bit of a warning, i tend to go on hiatus for a few months due to school, though this time I hope stay a while =]


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