Ashley Krisor (chochamocha) wrote in add_me,
Ashley Krisor

i'm eclectic and amusing and not to mention REAL chill.
i'm 18 and a sophomore in college, studying music education and jazz studies.
i plan on getting my masters degree in conducting
and my ambition is to play sax in a famous ska band.
so yeah, you could call me a rockstar.

  • i'm from the greater london area, but now i live in milwaukee, wisconsin, u.s.
  • i'm moving to boston in less than a year to attend the boston conservatory of music.
  • i have a fraternal twin brother whom i love dearly.
  • i'm extremely shy but also extremely outspoken and obnoxious. speaking my mind is a second nature, but it take a lot for me to work up the courage to talk to someone i'm not close with normally.
  • i'm very liberal and an athiest. and i love studying existentialism.
  • my favourite kinds of music are indie folk, ska, jazz, rock, and anything ambiant. i'm quite partial to rap as well, actually.
  • my hobbies include, but are not limited to: drumming, saxophone-ing, running, laughing, surfing, ice skating, being passive-aggressive, playing in the rain, holding hands, baseball, contradicting myself, and creating socially awkward situations for myself and those around me.

everyone has their story, and mine's nothing you haven't heard before.
but you can still read up on it if you want.

wanna be friends? let me know you're adding me cos i find it rather rude when people just add me as a friend without saying anything to me. i'm an awesome friend that comments frequently. don't add me if i'll never hear from you or if you want me to just be another name on a friends list. i'm a friend, not an accessory.


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