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Chocolate pudding is goood. Yum.

Well hi.

It's me. My name is Abbie but I go by pretty much anything people come up with to call me. That includes Fries, Skills, Alby and Mortal Abyss.

I'm fifteen, I write, I read, I mess around with Photoshop on certain occasions, I'm married to (it's a wonderful relationship), I wish I had a cat. I'm terrible at writing about myself but I believe that's fairly obvious.

I'm on the cross country team at my school but nothing beats slacking off at middle school practices way back when... not even slacking off at high school practice. I don't believe running will never be the same again after successfully completing a cold half marathon of licorice and tasty blue gatorade. Runner's high is an amazing thing.

Anyhu. My main interest is probably writing and I post some of the things I write on my journal but if you choose to read it or not, I do not care. I would post more entries featuring random thoughts and events of my day (which would most definitely be thrilling and totally worth your time to read) but I'm new to LJ and don't have any friends so... I would be talking to myself. And that's no fun.

So feel free to add me as a friend. I'm not picky and I like chatting and reading other people's journals. And I'm nice. Really. I am.


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