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Im from australia. melbourne to be exact.
brand new, bright eyes, tegan and sara, neutral milk hotel, something corporate, jack's mannequin, hellogoodbye, elliott smith, city and colour, the strokes, postal service, the get up kids, dashboard, coheed and cambria. i think we'll be here for a while if i keep going. im a geek no nerd cos nerds are smart.. and smart.. i aint.
i love everything to do with technology. and if i could i'd love to do it for a living.. but im studying nursing and working as a nurse. that may not make sense to some. I have a 5 step plan in life, which i have realised, is taking a lot more than 5 steps. im getting my ducks in line but the best thing about life, is not knowing whats going to happen next. I write because its what keeps me sain. I think a lot maybe way too much. I'm looking for people who are looking for something more in life.. what that is i have no idea. cos im looking for the same thing.

I love the fragile life I live, my life is a fine line of amazing time and crushing depressive lows, I like that. Life is a game of chance and risk but also cold calculated thinking and love. Learning to balance these things is an issue.
my life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot. I have realised that one can never be truly happy if one continues to search for what happiness consists of. We cannot live life to its fullest if we are looking for the meaning of life. the best thing in life, is to love and to be loved in return, searching for it can only get you so far, stumbling over it, finding it and feeling it.. is beyond anything anyone could ever write about. I have learnt that life is for living not for regrets. i love melbourne - the people, the fashion, the atmosphere, the clubs, the places to go, the food and everything in it. I find happiness and loneliness in being my own best friend here.

so what u think? lets be mates

oh yeah. i forgot. the names ric, and im 20 and im not an alcoholic (Y)

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