Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago. (gobblevamp) wrote in add_me,
Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago.

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Fetishist. [BDSM, water, exhibitionism, piercing, latex, collars, vacbeds]

Music Lover [Darkwave, Industrial, gothic, steampunk, cabaret.]


Mentally and physically ill, but getting better, hopefully in both ways.

Dreadlock enthusiast. [This explains itself.]

Hair changer. [Blue, green, black, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, brown, blonde.]


Corset lover.


Film buff [horror, offbeat, indie, gothic, slasher, thriller.]

Wants new friends!

Read my friends only post. If you don't, I will know. See my User Info for more... User info.

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