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Just today, for about the last hour, I've been looking into the last "looking for friends" type communities, and I have to say I'm impressed how it's all the same people in different places.  What is it that they call them?  "Add whores" or something like that.  It's a shame, and I hope I don't really encounter that problem, but being that I'm posting in this community, I'm already running that risk.  

But, hey... I'll run the risks, anyway, because no good thing comes without sacrifices and compromises, right?

And I know that this post might sound somewhat cynical, but I've had a not-so-great day today, so that might be the reason.  Nevertheless, I do want to gain some friends in LiveJournal.  I've been a member for a while, but there was a time where I neglected this account for the longest time--the reasons are endless, really, so I'll skip that part entirely.

And, well, a little bit about myself...

I'm female--just like the majority of people looking for friends in these communities, or so I've noticed a pattern... heh... aren't men looking for friends?  Are they okay being lonely, or do they have that many friends already that they don't need to look for friends in LJ, or do they think that would tarnish the male persona if they want to connect with someone?  Whatever the reason may be, I find it rather interesting, and perhaps peculiar, but then that's just me overanalyzing everything... I am an analyst by profession, so I guess it comes naturally, and I hope this little fact does not discourage people from wanting to befriend me. 

I'm in my 20's, for those who care, and if you're really only willing to get along with someone you're supposedly compatible with, I'm Saggitarius. 

I'm single, I'm straight, and I'm looking for friends who actively use their LiveJournal accounts to write about whatever comes to mind.  I'm not picky like that, but I would prefer to share common interests. 

My current pseudo-obssessions are LiveJournal itself--it's become a guilty pleasure--and an anime called Naruto--that's also another somewhat guilty pleasure of mine, but that I embrace wholeheartedly nevertheless.  I love reading (Naruto) fanfiction--it's my escape from reality.  I personally prefer romance and/or action/adventure fanfics that are very well written.  I know... action and romance... those are two very contrasting categories, but what can I say... I think my whole life is a gray area.  If you're familiar with the show/manga Naruto, you will know what NaruHina is, and that's what I like to read in fanfics the most.  I have written five fanfics, all published in, three which have been completed; the other two are in the works and hope to complete before summer.  And, as much as I love reading well-written action fics, I can't write them myself, thus I stick with writing fluffy, sappy, and/or erotic romantic fanfiction. 

Hmm... aside from my LJ and Naruto fanfic obsession, I can be meticulously organized--thus oftentimes I'm considered a perfectionist by my friends, family, and co-workers. The ironic thing about that is that I hate folding laundry... my laundry has sat in the dryer for more than two weeks more than once, and I've been okay with that--I only regret that the laundry doesn't magically fold itself, if that counts.  

My friends consider me an excellent cook, but I don't cook very often, therefore, when I do, people end up eating all my food, and I'm left with having to eat toast with butter--unless I make plenty that there's left overs.  

The things I write about a lot in LJ is (obviously) Naruto (whether is the show/manga, or the fanfiction I'm currently writing), my everyday life and anything eventful that might happen in it, books that I'm reading--or avoiding to read, I suppose--movies I've seen, and places I've visited, etc.  Basically, everything and anything--I know... can I be anymore vague?

I don't listen to local radio, and I don't have cable, yet my sound system cost over $3,000, and I have a 52" 1080 Sharp Aquos LCD TV that also cost at least $1,800 (at the time, because I think they're cheaper now).  I usually connect the TV and sound system to my computer.  It's great to use the computer with wireless keyboard and mouse from the couch >;-).  And so, since I don't have cable, I won't be able to talk with you about CSI, or American Idol, or mainstream media stuff.  I'm more a movie person.  I either buy movies that I like, or download fansub (for Naruto specifically, and maybe other international shows that have not yet been licensed in the United States).

I have such expensive electronic devices because I love music (who doesn't?)... and find that it's more rewarding to hear your favorite music through a quality system, and because I love watching movies.  However, I think the fancy electronic devices is a gene I inherited from my father, who is a big time movie fanatic and loves watching his films in big screens and theater-like sound, so I kind of have continued his legacy after moving away from home.  

Most of my friends are amazed that I can troubleshoot my own computer, and that I've connected all my electronic equipment myself.  They are even more surprised that I have never found a need to call technical support for anything.  

I own a MacBook, and I'm a loyal Apple user, but do not go beyond computer-related products... meaning, I don't have an iPhone.  They don't attract my attention.  Quite the contrary, actually.  I prefer more professional-oriented devices--I started with a Pocket PC two years ago and in December '08 I upgraded to a BlackBerry Storm.  It's a great phone, but it takes getting used to, and a lot of people might not have the patience for it.

So... all in all, I'm looking for long-lasting LJ friends from all walks of life.  It doesn't make a difference if you're male, female, black, white, yellow, brown, blue, red, purple, straight, gay, bi, and so on.  Just as long as you have decent grammar, and a genuine personality, I'm game.  Oh, and please have a sense of humor... while this post may seem awfully serious, I can be quite the clown.

I love making people laugh. Some people think I'm too quiet, others think I should learn to keep my mouth shut. Such is life. I'm not worried about it. I do know that a lot of times I say things that surprise people... but they're only surprised if they don't realize that 90% of the time I'm joking.

I don't like judgmental people. I know everyone judges, that's just part of life, but that doesn't mean you have to be mean. Besides, no one is perfect. I like people with all their imperfections, because that's what really makes them interesting. And, no... I don't think people are stupid... I just believe that people have their stupid moments... some people have more than others, but I can't say I haven't had a few moments of my own.

I'm not an exercise freak, but I do ride my bike to work as long as it's not raining. I cycling is one of my passions, and if I wasn't so lazy, or if I didn't dread getting a flat tire, I'd do it more or for longer distances.

Life has its ups and downs, but overall, I am happy camper. I believe that no one can give you happiness other than yourself. No one should ever depend on anybody else to bring them happiness. Therefore, in my case, I am satisfied with who I am, how I am. I want to meet people who have the same perspective on life and do not rely on others to find happiness.

I believe that honesty is the best policy. For this reason, I've been known to be ruthlessly blunt.  I admire intelligent, well-rounded people, but dislike arrogance. I admire those who are knowledgeable and go out of their way to share what they know with those around them.

Although a lot of people like things in a silver platter, I am a realist. I know that a person who starts with little, and goes far makes the most of everything they have. Furthermore, I'm keenly aware that sometimes the willingness to simply take a deep breath and "go for it" has a power of its own.

Last but not least, the most important advice I could give anyone is that life is made up of two parts: half is happiness, and half hardship. Happiness is something you'll fine as directly related as to the amount of energy you put towards it. it doesn't appear before you because you feel you have the divine right to it. The effort to overcome your suffering, and the effort to become happy, those are the keys to making yourself truly happy.

If you've made it this far, I truly congratulate you, because I know how long-winded I can be.  Hopefully you're still interested :-)  I will do my best to stay active in LJ, though I doubt that'll be a problem if people are just as active.

Feel more than free to add me.  There's only so many books and NaruHina fanfiction I can read, so a change of scenery is what I'm looking for.  The mind is truly a beautiful thing, and it's a shame if we don't keep it stimulated, whether it's intellectually, or with mere entertainment.  I have no secrets; in fact, all my journal entries are public.  My life is an open book; I think it keeps things simple, and prevents people from being "surprised", but I can keep a secret if it's asked of me.  Confidence and trust is one of the most valuable things in any kind of relationship (friend, family, lover, pets, etc.).  

Anyway, I'll shut up for real this time! ^__^ 

Thanks for stopping by!  :-D

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    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all. I'm not new to LJ, but I have a bad habit of abandoning this place every so often. I'd like to try and change…

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