Tawney (tawney) wrote in add_me,

Hi, I'm Tawney. I'm 22 years old, and have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life. I'm engaged and am planning a wedding for October, 2009. My fiance and I live together... his name is Matt, and I talk about him a lot (since he's obviously a huge part of my life). In a little less than two weeks I'm starting school to being a new career... and I'm excited, but so scared.

I don't post very often, but I'm getting better at that. A lot of my posts have to do with wedding plans, but not all of them... since I'm still eight months out. I'm just looking for some new and interesting people who might be interested in some new friends. I'd prefer to not add people who are years younger than me, or who have no common interests (some of which can be found on my profile page).

This is me, in case you care...

Add me if you want!

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